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QAF fans of Gale Harold supporting him in any role
♥ About this Community ♥
This community is open to any fan of Gale Harold, especially if you first came to love him in Queer as Folk as many of us did. It isn't a requirement that you've seen QAF (although, really, why not? :), but be warned that many of us in this community are still mad for Brian Kinney and don't mind saying it!

FYI, this community began in 2008 as a place for QAF fans of Gale to celebrate his role as Jackson Braddock on Desperate Housewives, which is why there are so many DH-specific posts. Since it looks like he won't return to DH on any kind of regular basis and because we had so much fun together during last year, we decided to expand the focus of the community. Come join us as we celebrate the beauty and talent that is Gale Harold!
♥ If you'd like to join... ♥
• Your complete birth date needs to be on your profile page.
• Your profile must show some interest in Gale.

Please note:
1. If your membership request has been rejected and you’re not sure why, contact eileen_donovan.
2. The comm owner reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.
♥ Rules ♥
There are only a few rules for the comm:

1. Be respectful of others. Rude, provocative, or off-topic posts and/or comments will be deleted by the mods. Persons who violate this rule more than twice will be banned from posting and commenting.

2. Anyone who is approved for membership can post. Any topic that relates to Gale's roles in television, film, or onstage will be allowed: links to new information, photos that come along, comments/reviews by entertainment media, clips from YouTube or other, icons, wallpapers, or headers from one of Gale's roles. General information about Gale, such as a picture of him on the red carpet, can be posted.

3. Please do not post personal information about Gale such as pictures taken without his consent, an address where he was spotted (i.e., “this is his dentist’s office!!!!”), or any RP/RPS (Real Person/Real Person Slash) fiction. Let’s respect Gale’s desire to live a private life.

4. Please put all spoilers behind an LJ cut. This applies to roles Gale might have in a TV show as well as reviews of movies or work onstage. Don't make the assumption that something is “common knowledge”, or that since it's been aired on TV (or shown in the theatre) in the US it's okay to talk about it openly. Be respectful to Gale's many fans around the world and put all spoilery behind a cut!

5. Please also use an LJ cut for long posts (even if they're not spoiler-ish) and large fonts (as they also tend to eat up lots of space). Let's be respectful of other people's flists!

6. Please use a subject line, which will make it much easier for someone searching through the archives!

7. Please do not post fan fiction that relates to any of Gale's roles. There are already tons of places for QAF fan fiction (which is what the overwhelming majority of the fics would be), so any fic posted will be rejected by a mod unless it's posted for a specific fic challenge.

8. The comm doesn't support downloads other than ones sanctioned by the copyright holder. We realize this makes us impossibly old-fashioned, but so be it. So if you're looking for a downloaded copy of a movie/TV show or want to offer one, you'll have to go somewhere else.
♥ Contacts ♥
Any complaints or questions should be directed to eileen_donovan, who is the comm owner.
Any questions relating to the layout, or one of the challenges should be directed to miss_alysandra, who’s in charge of all things to do with graphics.
♥ 'How to' FAQs ♥
How do I edit an entry I made?
How do I put something behind an lj-cut?